Öt trend, amely a digitális ügyfélélményt formálja


Technology has always played a decisive role in enabling customers to obtain the product or service they require, but the digital revolution that is taking place today is also a source of change in this area. The SAP Center for Business Insight experts have identified five trends that will determine the digital customer experience over the next decade and will also provide guidance to domestic companies.

More experiences have to be given

While a quality product or service will of course remain a basic requirement in the future, businesses need to give more. Experience from social networking sites already requires entertainment, learning, sharing experiences, and virtual companionship with others. While companies are focusing their creative energies on such “ancillary” services that play an important role in customer acquisition and retention, routine tasks can be reliably entrusted to increasingly advanced customer relationship solutions.

Extensive Artificial Intelligence Based Solutions

Customers are becoming more accustomed to and loved systems with artificial intelligence. According to McKinsey’s research, in more than a third of purchases on Amazon, and in three quarters of the choices from Netflix’s media offering, we are adopting a machine learning algorithm. The next step, like search engine optimization, will be “artificial intelligence optimization”, which will further help make products and services appear in the virtual space as efficiently and attractively as possible. Artificial intelligence solutions also help in “human-man” interactions when, for example, analyzing customer behavior, prepare a customer service representative for the expected difficulties.

The customer also wants to participate in the game

Customers are no longer just passive users or users, but can also join the business model as a creative creator or even a “producer.” An example of this is the fact that on an open platform of a game development company, players create new levels or modules, and the other is when households offer the electricity generated from solar power to the power grid. This is a value not only for you, but also for the seller or service provider, which of course will be good for both parties. While data protection is becoming more and more emphasized, many people continue to provide their data “voluntarily and singing”, which is also exploitable.

Building digital communities

The technology also made it possible for customers to get to know each other and, in almost no time, they would be organized into alliances and digital tribes. For example, Redditen has more than 140,000 global communities around serious and less serious issues. Businesses therefore need to invent and offer digital objects (photos, ratings, updates, etc.) that have community building and retention power. Music service providers, for example, have lists of favorite songs that are a topic for the same tasting audience and a revenue-generating opportunity for the service provider.

value Creation

The spread of the ethical shopping movement also shows that customer decisions are not only based on the quality of the product or service, but also on how well the values ​​represented by the business meet personal, moral, or sustainability expectations. To do this, businesses need to be aware of what value judgments they have on their market or buy valium and they should be represented as transparently as possible. Being good is not only good but also rewarding: According to a survey, two-thirds of customers choose the products of companies they consider to promote positive social change.

“To promote customer satisfaction and to remain competitive, companies need to do more. They are also willing to do so: it is predicted that the CRM, or the so-called “CRM”, will be a customer-driven experience. The market for Customer Experience solutions has become the largest global business software market, and one of the most significant growth areas in Hungary is expected, ”said János Arany, Business Area Manager at SAP.

Source: SAP Hungary


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